Lena: 3rd Maternity Session in the Vineyard

Family Maternity

Sunset Maternity + Family Stories: Maternity Photographer in Israel

What do I look for in my family sessions? This! this right here is what I look for! Do I even need to elaborate? Just look at this beautiful mama and her happy family! We had so much fun together!

We started our session an hour before sunset in a beautiful orchard – a green canopy of pecan trees above our heads, sun peaking through the foliage, wildflowers all around, a chilly spring breeze – I could not ask for a better location. At golden-hour, we drove to a nearby winter-pond and explored the area while the light was illuminating every shrub and every leaf with a golden halo. When the sun is at a certain angle and the earth turns to gold it always takes my breath away, always.

As for COVID-19 regulations:
a. I shot this entire session using a telephoto lens – which means I was far away from my subjects (well over 2 meters), therefore maintaining social distancing.
b. We all wore masks when not shooting.
c. We chose a location that was supposed to be secluded and moved to a different location when the original location was “compromised” (writing this makes me feel like I’m a CIA agent lol).

If you have any questions about booking a shoot during this current global pandemic don’t hesitate to contact me: 052-8662207.

Stay safe XOXO,

Family Maternity

Family + Maternity Stories At Home: Maternity Photographer in Israel

This beautiful mama was a dream to photograph – we just clicked! Sapir called me on Wednesday and by Friday I was already at their family home for our photoshoot – two days! We planned everything in two days! And let me tell ya’ – it was AMAZING!

I arrived early Friday morning, it was a rainy day and we were lucky to have beautiful even lighting due to the cloud cover. We even had half an hour of no rain to take a few photos in a vast olive grove situated right next to their home (is it grove or orchard? I can never remember this one). When I arrived, the family was getting ready and I had time to bond with big-sister, Ruth – or Princess Ruth, as I called her. This little girl completely stole my heart and I was so happy to see her excitement and joy over taking photos and telling me all about becoming a big sister! At some point, this clever 3-year-old was right beside me helping me to take photos of her parents – I taught her how to press the shutter-button and she was happy to help me 🙂

When Mom was getting ready I was given full access to the closets in the house, “go wild…choose whatever you think will work best for the photos” she said to me. Did I mention we clicked? Sapir is pretty much my dream client – we did everything in two days, she let me pick the family’s wardrobe with no questions, everyone was chill and happy to just be themselves, and everything had a relaxed flow. ‘Flow’ is the word I want to stress here – everything fell into place and time just flew by – I arrived at 09:00 and left at 14:00…nothing beats a session this relaxed. And can we just talk for a second about little kids falling asleep at the end of a session? It may be my favorite part…I mean, they are just so sweet with their sleepy little faces – Princes Ruth was fast asleep by the end of our session 🙂

The funniest part is that Spair gave birth exactly 1 week after our session! Talk about calling it close, right?! I was SO happy when she had sent me a photo of little baby boy, and I can imagine how excited big sister Ruth was. This family was an absolute joy to photograph, and I can’t wait for these two siblings to grow up together and become best friends.



Love Stories Maternity

Jenn + Noah: Maternity Photographer in Tel Aviv, Israel

When Jenn found me online and called me to book a Maternity and Newborn sessions I could not be more excited! We clicked immediately and I’m pretty sure we talked for at least an hour during that first phone call – we were completely on the same page, wanting to capture Jenn and Noah’s life and first pregnancy in Jaffa-Tel Aviv in beautiful golden light before they head back to their native Canada.

I arrived at their apartment early so we could snap a few photos in their beautiful home, and I’m so glad I did! Their apartment is basically my dream urban space, featuring mid-century decor and a spiral staircase, and lots of yellow. It was a glorious afternoon with golden hazy light streaming through giant windows and adding Jenn and Noah’s fur-baby, Winifred, to the shots was so much fun (she was the sweetest gentle giant). I just know these two will be the best parents to their little bundle of joy in a few months.

We continued our session in Jaffa, visiting spots that Jenn and Noah visit on a daily basis – capturing these spots was so important to us, and capturing the experience of pregnancy in a foreign country is something beautiful memories are made of. Can you imagine their little kiddo seeing these shots in the far future and hearing all about mom and dad’s adventures in Tel-Aviv? That’s one lucky kid!

Jenn and Noah are my definition of love. Simple as that. I had such a blast during their shoot, and I had sore cheeks while editing their photos – they just make me smile. If you couldn’t tell – I really like these two. Jenn and Noah, you guys are like sunshine, and I can’t wait to meet your little baby!

Love Stories Maternity

Lena + Boaz: Maternity Photography in Israel

This mid-summer session was so special for so many reasons – firstly, one of my best friends was pregnant with her first baby girl, and secondly, I was also pregnant with my second baby boy. I took these maternity photos for this gorgeous couple when I was 7 months pregnant, and it felt completely effortless and absolutely magical. We chose two locations – a shaded road and the beach (both in the Netanya, Israel area). Starting relatively early in the day (15:00) allowed us the versatility of having two locations – the trees were excellent during harsher light hours, and the beach was perfect for that golden hour magical lighting. Here are a few highlights from this session…