Fresh 48 Newborns

Baby Hadas: Fresh 48 Photography in Israel

My dearest childhood friend had a little baby girl and I was there to document her precious bundle of joy a day after she was born. Fresh 48 sessions are very special – you get to photograph an entirely brand new human, a little person who has been earth-side for less than a day or two. It’s special, really really special. As a photographer, you have so much responsibility during a session like this – you have to be respectful of the staff, be kind to the other people in the room, make sure mama feels confident and isn’t in pain, make sure the little baby isn’t cold, make sure dad feels okay with the whole concept of a photo-shoot right after welcoming a child into the world – a lot is happening during these sessions. However, not many things are better than a Fresh 48, and the beautiful memories this type of session can provide for the family. Here is a little glimpse from our session at Rambam Hospital in Haifa.