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I have compiled a list of questions I get asked frequently by clients and/or on social media – editing, workshops, teaching, mentoring, what to wear and more.
If you have any other questions please let me know! You can contact me here.

Where do you shoot? Do you have a studio?

I don’t have a studio, and have never had any plans to own or open a studio.
I shoot on location – outdoors or in my client’s homes.

Do you use any special lighting?

No, I only shoot using natural light.

My house is a mess, but I really want to book a Newborn session – how do I prepare?

Firstly, – I don’t mind mess, I have 3 kids – mess is part of my life haha. Secondly, I’m not there to photograph your home – I’m there to capture your story and the connection and emotions of your life. I always ask my clients to tidy-up a bit before the shoot, but I don’t need too much – give me a big window and some white bedding and we’re good to go. DO NOT worry about the mess, I’ll take care of it.

Why do you print in the USA?

Quality is the most important thing when it comes to albums and prints. I just haven’t found a company that has higher quality than the printing company I use. I’d love to print locally, but after experiencing the highest level of quality it’s hard for me to compromise. The second important part is environmental responsibility – I print 100% green, environmentally friendly, renewable energy products! For more information about my albums and prints and being “green” click here

Where did you study photography?

I’m entirely self-taught. Over the years I’ve taken many classes to elevate my work, and I’m just a fan of learning – I learn something almost everyday, I’m definitely a perpetual student type of person, and most definitely an autodidact from a very early age. I feel like people who have a passion for learning can be masters in what they love most, because they never stop learning and never stop getting better.

Outside of photography, I have studied English & American Literature in the University of Tel Aviv.

Where are you from?

I live in Israel and usually shoot in the Central District, although generally speaking I’m available everywhere in Israel.
I was born in Lviv, Ukraine and immigrated to Israel when I was 3.
I am completely fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian.

Why don’t you post more client work?

Honestly, I have privacy issues. I guard my client’s photos like a bulldog and it’s hard for me to share. I feel like keeping these stories private adds to their magic, and most of my clients prefer to keep their photos to themselves. Occasionally, I ask permission to post a few photos from particular sessions mainly for marketing reasons. I just love my clients so much, and I have a parental tendency to try and keep them safe. Does that make sense? Some people tell me that’s crazy. Usually a typical lifestyle session is well over 100-150 fully edited photos, and I only post 5-10 – I just like to keep my clients private.

Do you take Bat Mitzvah photos? I don’t see many in your portfolio?

Yes, I do. I have done many Bat Mitzvah “books” and I get why it seems odd that it looks empty.
I love this type of photoshoot, and I’m even more private about it than I am about my other photoshoots.
I think that the tender age of 12 is a very tricky one, and to be honest most parents feel the same way – they don’t want photos of their daughters online, and don’t want some perv looking at their teenage daughters (and sons!).
Sometimes I will ask permission to post a few photos for marketing purposes, but those are pretty rare. Did I mention I have privacy issues haha?

What is the difference between Lifestyle Newborn and Classic Posed Newborn photography?

Lifestyle Newborn is all about capturing your new baby in the comfort of your own home, while focusing on emotion and connection – a natural approach to capturing new life and new parents. Classic Posed Newborn photography is usually done in-studio (or using an on-location mobile set-up) while using artificial light and/or window light, the focus is to capture your new baby in an artistic way, there is usually less focus on emotion and more focus on posing. Both styles are beautiful in their own ways.

What do I wear to a photoshoot? I’m nervous about building a wardrobe for myself and my family, help!

Guess what, wardrobe is simple! I promise! Once you book with me, that’s when the fun starts – we will discuss our photoshoot in depth and I will send you a completely personalised style guide (usually with links to clothes I feel will work best for our shoot). I build a personal style guide for every client, it’s as simple as that.
Trust me…once you see it you’ll get what I mean – I don’t mean to brag, but it’s pretty darn awesome! (BTW – you don’t see a “what to wear” section on my website exactly for this reason – all of my clients receive a hand picked personalised  bespoke guide – just for them). 

Do you bring accessories and wardrobe to your shoots?

No. I don’t like accessories – I like the focus to be on my subjects, and I prefer cleaner frames with less objects to distract from my main subjects. The only accessories I sometimes use are flowers and balloons, at an extra cost.
I don’t bring wardrobe, I instruct clients on exactly what to wear to a shoot and send a personalised style guide before the shoot. I occasionally bring items I have in my collection just in case I think they will work in the shoot.

Most frequently asked question – How do you edit your photos? Do you use presets / actions? If so, do you sell them?

I use Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC when I’m away from my computer and Photoshop for precise work and color correcting- Creative Cloud is my BFF.

I hand-edit all of my work.

I use presets in Lightroom and actions in Photoshop that I have created myself over the years as part of streamlining my workflow.

I feel like most pre-made presets and action require too much tweaking for my liking, especially because I shoot on the more “natural” side. So, Hand-editing and building my own workflow presets and actions has been the best method for me.

I don’t sell my presets.

If you have any other questions please let me know! You can contact me here.

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