Family + Maternity Stories At Home: Maternity Photographer in Israel

This beautiful mama was a dream to photograph – we just clicked! Sapir called me on Wednesday and by Friday I was already at their family home for our photoshoot – two days! We planned everything in two days! And let me tell ya’ – it was AMAZING!

I arrived early Friday morning, it was a rainy day and we were lucky to have beautiful even lighting due to the cloud cover. We even had half an hour of no rain to take a few photos in a vast olive grove situated right next to their home (is it grove or orchard? I can never remember this one). When I arrived, the family was getting ready and I had time to bond with big-sister, Ruth – or Princess Ruth, as I called her. This little girl completely stole my heart and I was so happy to see her excitement and joy over taking photos and telling me all about becoming a big sister! At some point, this clever 3-year-old was right beside me helping me to take photos of her parents – I taught her how to press the shutter-button and she was happy to help me 🙂

When Mom was getting ready I was given full access to the closets in the house, “go wild…choose whatever you think will work best for the photos” she said to me. Did I mention we clicked? Sapir is pretty much my dream client – we did everything in two days, she let me pick the family’s wardrobe with no questions, everyone was chill and happy to just be themselves, and everything had a relaxed flow. ‘Flow’ is the word I want to stress here – everything fell into place and time just flew by – I arrived at 09:00 and left at 14:00…nothing beats a session this relaxed. And can we just talk for a second about little kids falling asleep at the end of a session? It may be my favorite part…I mean, they are just so sweet with their sleepy little faces – Princes Ruth was fast asleep by the end of our session 🙂

The funniest part is that Spair gave birth exactly 1 week after our session! Talk about calling it close, right?! I was SO happy when she had sent me a photo of little baby boy, and I can imagine how excited big sister Ruth was. This family was an absolute joy to photograph, and I can’t wait for these two siblings to grow up together and become best friends.



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