Sunset Maternity + Family Stories: Maternity Photographer in Israel

What do I look for in my family sessions? This! this right here is what I look for! Do I even need to elaborate? Just look at this beautiful mama and her happy family! We had so much fun together!

We started our session an hour before sunset in a beautiful orchard – a green canopy of pecan trees above our heads, sun peaking through the foliage, wildflowers all around, a chilly spring breeze – I could not ask for a better location. At golden-hour, we drove to a nearby winter-pond and explored the area while the light was illuminating every shrub and every leaf with a golden halo. When the sun is at a certain angle and the earth turns to gold it always takes my breath away, always.

As for COVID-19 regulations:
a. I shot this entire session using a telephoto lens – which means I was far away from my subjects (well over 2 meters), therefore maintaining social distancing.
b. We all wore masks when not shooting.
c. We chose a location that was supposed to be secluded and moved to a different location when the original location was “compromised” (writing this makes me feel like I’m a CIA agent lol).

If you have any questions about booking a shoot during this current global pandemic don’t hesitate to contact me: 052-8662207.

Stay safe XOXO,

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