Baby Logan: Family Photography in Israel

There is something so beautiful and intimate about photographing a new family, something personal that I never take for granted. A family lets me into their home and allows me to capture a few treasured moments of their life, they let me see them in their natural element, they trust me and I feel so grateful for this trust. This session was a treat, and it always amazes me when I meet clients that I instantly feel a simple connection with – let me tell you something – nothing makes a shoot go smoother than having fun and a good conversation with the people you’re photographing!

I came in early in the morning, the spring light was soft and whimsical – the type of light you see on your pillowcase after you sleep-in on a weekend. When we started our session baby Logan was still sleeping, which allowed me to focus on mom and dad – I love getting shots of mom and dad alone, capturing a few stolen glimpses, a few light kisses, a gentle touch, a memory of a time before babies when they were just two souls longing for each other. And then Logan woke up – a boy full of sunshine and smiles, lighting up the room with buckets of positive energy and gummy baby grins.

Capturing this family was such a joy! Seeing how much love this little family shared made my day…Here are a few photos from our session!

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