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I believe that we are all made out of stories and that each story matters – our lives are the sum of these stories, great or small. As a photographer, it is my purpose to tell these stories through my photos. And I aim to catch the everyday moments that make up our stories – with honesty, whimsy, joy, flaws, quirks and all the elements that make life so darn precious.

A bit about me…

I’m Martha, mama to 3 amazing kids (2 boys, 1 girl), wife to an amazing guy, and a freelance lifestyle photographer living by the beach in Israel.

I grew up in the rural parts of Northern Israel, surrounded by greenery, hot humid summers, endless fields, pine forests, sunflowers, almond orchards, and beautiful burning orange sunsets.

As a child, I loved hearing my dad’s stories about his childhood – European forests, freshwater creeks, endless Anemone meadows, forest creatures, and the magic of light and shadow. His remarkable stories inspired me to become a ferocious reader, and my mom encouraged my endless reading with her beautiful choices of books and a dedication to family travel. While attending university I studied English Literature and enjoyed every minute of it – so, as you see, stories and storytelling have always been part of my life’s narrative.

However, it was only when I became a mother that I truly discovered my own way of capturing and telling stories – through my photos. Despite writing and putting my stories into words and essays, I felt like there was an element missing from my creative process – a visual element. I always had a particular interest in photography, but having a baby turned that interest into a passion. I began taking numerous photos of my little love. This devotion to becoming creative encouraged me to learn everything I could about photography – experiment with light and shadow, take classes and workshops and invest in mentoring from world-renowned photographers. One thing led to another, and I began receiving requests and slowly decided to turn my passion into a career path.

There you have it, that’s me and I hope we can work together to create something special. I believe that we all have stories to tell…we just need a little imagination and a lot of passion.


My Favorite Things

my kids (obviously) and family.
the color yellow.
the color green.
the color red.
all the colors.
pastels in spring and summer.
rich tones in autumn and winter.
early morning stillness.
peanut butter.
Harry Potter.
snow and rain.
mountains and lakes.
wooden things.
sunflowers and peonies.
how red poppies are.
the smell of rain and lilac.
folklore and fairytales.
whimsical illustrations.
antique shops.
Normal Rockwell.
raspberry anything.
eggs sunny side up.
the vw bus.
babies in bonnets.
nostalgic childhood.
woodland animals.
Christmas and Halloween.
the smell of gasoline (yes, i’m gross).
rain boots.
popcorn and french fries.
making lists.

Martha Bronstein Photography
Israel & Worldwide
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